DIEMEDIAFABRIK plays the Thuringia Lottery

Since the beginning of this year, we’re happy to serve Lotterie-Treuhandgesellschaft mbH Thüringen. We book all advertising campaigns for the Suhl based company for their products Lotterie Eurojackpot, Lotterie 6aus49, Spiel 77 and GlücksSpirale.

Our regular media service is based on years of experience and the use of suitable radio planning software. Considering the lottery restrictions we need to respond reliably, diligently and quickly, to inform all players over age 18 about upcoming jackpot drawings via radio commercials on local stations such as Antenne Thüringen. In addition, lottery tickets and ads in Thuringia newspapers remind readers to pick their lucky numbers.

Besides jackpot ad placements we’re also in charge of product commercials, most recently the re-launch of the classic Lotterie 6aus49. Since May 4 there is no more bonus number and the super number is relevant for a win. Long-time players and newcomers learned about this on the radio, on outdoor billboards and in print media.

Antenne Niedersachsen is always on its listeners’ trail

New name, new brand identity and a clear message: „Hit-Radio Antenne Niedersachsen” is now „Antenne Niedersachsen” – short and crisp. We advertise the relaunch of our long-time client among the radio target group of 35 to 54 year old listeners.

From August to October 2013, we use traffic boards on numerous buses to put the striking statement on the road. In addition, RollAds are used. Starting in August and September, there will be lots of trucks driving through Lower Saxony, announcing the campaign’s message that reads „Just something new.” to the motorists of that sparsely populated state. The colorful graphics of regional suppliers is sure to immediately catch the attention of residents and the many commuters from Hanover to the smallest farmstead. The advertising trucks are equipped with state of the art GPS technology, allowing our customer to track their rolling billboards in real time.

In addition to the attention-grabbing transportation ads, we use the „Just something new.“-message for outdoor advertising media like billboards and pillars.

DIEMEDIAFABRIK boosts holiday season sales with the Guinness World Records Book

More than 4,000 of the world’s most amazing achievements are listed in the 2014 Guinness World Records Book, which is available in stores now. The „Bibliographisches Institut” publishes it – and we put it underneath the Christmas tree. The campaign for the book publication is aimed at children aged seven and above as potential readers and at their parents and grandparents as buyers. It’s the perfect Christmas gift for curious people.

We’ve booked commercials in cinemas all over Germany from October to December 2013. The persuasive 20-second ad uses simple means and is a tribute to good old books: young and old sitting at the table, quite nostalgically, browsing and reading, amazed at the 2014 Guinness World Records Book. We have the commercial running with specially selected children’s movies, to specifically target families (family cluster). It is being shown before current box office successes such as „Fack Ju Göhte” (international title „F*ck You, Goethe”) or „Das kleine Gespenst” (international title „The Little Ghost”). In November and December, we additionally place the bold promotion for the freshly printed book on Facebook, parenting and movie portals and on children’s, parenting and women’s magazines’ websites.

The Guinness World Records Book is published on paper annually since 1955.

IG Metall and DIEMEDIAFABRIK provide answers to job questions

How high do I want to fly? Who cares about my interests? IG Metall does. The union is by its members’ side, competent and assertive, with answers to the very latest job issues. This message is pointed out by their current campaign which focusses on „New times, new questions – together for new answers”. From January to February 2014, DIEMEDIAFABRIK spreads the word efficiently among commercial and technical staff between 20 and 35, as well as university graduates.

A 45-second cinema ad conveys the message using job-related scenes, reflecting the spirit of the time. For a broad national approach we have it run for six weeks in cities with population over 20 000. As an emotional 20-second ad, we place it online in entertainment environments and provide extra reach with display advertising in portfolio rotations. In turn, City-Light-Posters and billboards target commuters and multipliers at ICE train stations. The poster sites were co-decided by the staff of around 155 administrative offices using a specially designed online tool on the extranet.

From billboard to TV with KBV Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung

Since 2013 resident physicians and psychotherapists have been assuring people: „We like working for your life.” In 2015 the long-term image campaign for KBV enters its third round. This time, it focuses on medical benefits. Physicians, clinics and the entire outpatient system are aimed at. Practitioners acting as ambassadors speak out via billboards again, from the end of May and in more than 80 cities nationwide.

In March, KBV also criticized the plans of the Federal Government. With statements such as „We like working for your life, as long as politics allows us to.” or „Imagine going to the doctor and he’s no longer there.”, KBV opposed a draft for the „Care Provision Strengthening Act”. The act includes plans to shut down medical offices. This is a fatal signal to young doctors in „over-served” areas, says KBV. On the day of the press conference we made their disapproval public in large ads in national daily media and on Poster-Cars driving by government buildings. This caught so much attention, that the rolling posters made it to national newscasts.

Is work really everything? We scrutinize the question with Frankfurter Rundschau

Employment has never been higher in Germany. But not everyone is happy. Is work really our religion? In 2015, Frankfurter Rundschau critically scrutinized this meaning of life in a multi-week thematic-focus. This is one of four scheduled special editions, which is accompanied by an exceptional marketing campaign.

We advertise the „work“-product-campaign for the national daily newspaper in the Hessian readership base and beyond, in cities like Hamburg or Berlin. The ties motif, designed by the Agency Zum Goldenen Hirschen, is a wake-up call. It condenses a variety of keywords from continuous news reporting into the symbolic work motif.

Cosmopolitan, opinion-forming and socially conscious adults, from students to retirement age come across the campaign with its typical fresh FR-green in buses and suburban trains as well as outdoor advertising spaces. At the same time, online, Facebook and mobile advertising measures provide for a high recognition value.

Creating clear (water)conditions with NABU

Things you should have done in life? Work for a good cause – or several of them. Naturschutzbund Deutschland e. V. (NABU) protects, what is important. Because of love for nature.  This is what inspires more than 560 000 members and supporters so far.

In spring of 2015, we team up for the first time, calling for good deeds and „tell“, where and how NABU is active, for example, when it comes to promoting young talent – about wolves or clear conditions – in oceans free from plastic waste. And we show, how easy it is to become a conservationist. Impressive pictures of our homeland speak for themselves from late April to mid-May: Perfectly visible on billboards and Mega-Light-Selects in the political center of Berlin, as well as national railway stations, where they also appear on city light posters. In organic markets eco-friendly cleaning stencils show the right way of treating nature.

In addition, we have implemented a donation tool via DIEPOSTERFABRIK: NABU supporters can make a donation to help extend billboard campaigns. This increases the campaign’s outreach and attracts more conservationists.