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Summer, sunshine, bikini time. Drop a few pounds but without a lot of struggling? It’s easy with Slimmm from Probiotec Pharma. The smart diet program from Australia is now taking the German market by storm and DIEMEDIAFABRIK is spreading the message among women between 30 and 59. First, we get the target audience excited about the product by running the 15-second TV commercial on VOX in spring of 2010.


We loved to welcome Rausch as a client because the Swiss herbs specialist’s approach appeals to us so much. To convince many Germans of the high quality natural products we’ll spread the word with two campaigns: Early March through September 2012, we’ll plant some advertising seeds in pharmacy and consumer publications promoting the „Heart seed“ hair-care line, which will bring relief to allergy sufferers. Almost at the same time, we’ll intoxicate sophisticated ladies with the „summer happiness“ message, which advertises various shampoos and hair treatments via ads in TV guides, women’s and parenting magazines.


Shoes are our world, on the job. Since 2012, we help women find shopping bliss in about 65 Leiser branches throughout Germany, by announcing campaigns, brands, new stores and re-openings. In doing so, we increasingly rely on outdoor advertising for the long-established company. City and Mega-Light posters, billboards and full-pillar messages spread shopping news, as shown by the promotion for the reopening of the Schuhhof store on Berlin’s Tauentzienstraße in March 2015. Radio commercials, transport advertising and ads in daily and weekly papers are also on the media plan.


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Remembering stuff doesn’t always have to be complicated if there’s a simpler way. That’s what the people at primacall thought when they introduced a mnemonic to their latest campaign, promoting the telecommunications provider’s flat rate offers. Since mnemonic means „Eselsbrücke“ in German, a cartoon donkey performed a dance around primacall’s 01038 prefix number. Easy way to remember, easy way to save. To make that number stick with heavy phone users, we had the commercial aired on TV channels n-tv, Tele 5 and others in December 2010.

Patrizia Immobilien AG

What we do, lasts. Patrizia Immobilien AG appreciates our solid media frameworks. In December 2012 the Augsburg investment giant has, for the first time, commissioned us with an international B2B campaign, marking the launch of new branch offices in Europe. From Germany and Scandinavia to the UK we have built the ads into trade journals and their web properties. Since January 2015 we have been serving several of the client’s new and existing construction projects in this country. We promote the condos for owner-occupiers and investors online and offline, in business media and daily newspapers.

Naturschutzbund Deutschland

Things you should have done in life? Work for a good cause – or several of them. Anyone can do it, says Naturschutzbund Germany e.V. (NABU). Starting in spring of 2015, we team up calling for good deeds and „tell“, how humans can protect nature and wildlife.
We let pictures of our homeland speak for themselves: catchy on outer surfaces of national railway stations and in Berlin-Mitte, as well as eco-friendly cleaning stencils in organic food stores. In addition, we have implemented a donation tool via DIEPOSTERFABRIK: NABU supporters can make a donation to help extend billboard campaigns.

Land Brandenburg Lotto

Kissing a frog on Wednesdays and Saturdays may bring good luck – but that’s rather unlikely. Odds for winning millions are way better in the lottery. This is our convincing message to regular and casual players, conveyed with congenial radio and outdoor advertising. In Brandenburg we take care of ad bookings for all regular and special Jackpot draws for “Lotto 6aus49” and “Spiel 77” as well as upcoming image campaigns. In 2014, widespread large billboards messages serve as the foundation. In addition, Brandenburgers are “kissed awake” with traffic boards and city light posters on their way to work or shopping.

Kalksandstein KS-Original

Builders and home owners want a house that lasts, that’s safe and provides a quiet living space. This target group, as well as architects and urban planners are precisely addressed in our campaign promoting limestone as a premium construction material. So, just like brick after brick, we place ad after ad in popular magazines and trade journals.

Jüdisches Museum Berlin

Are you open to more togetherness and straight talking – or „Tacheles“ in Yiddish? The Jewish Museum Berlin, which has existed since 2001, invites you to its reopened permanent exhibition. It has been redesigned for around two and a half years in the museums zigzag-building by award-winning architect Daniel Libeskind. From a Jewish perspective, the permanent exhibition now tells the common history of Christians and Jews in German-speaking countries, from the Middle Ages to the present day. It interacts more with the architecture than before, the rooms are less cluttered. This is also conveyed by the opening campaign, which addresses Berliners interested in culture and history as well as people with Jewish roots or multicultural relationships. From mid-August 2020 we will be placing the clear messages on outdoor advertising throughout the cityscape and local transport as well as online event sites and social media channels. Radio ads also draw attention to the new permanent exhibition.

IG Metall Vorstand

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Do I always have to give 150 percent? What are my goals?
Who cares about my interests? IG Metall does. The union is by its members’ side and has answers to the very latest job questions. Master craftsman or master’s degree? Both are welcome. This is the message of the cinema ad which we’re showing on almost 3 000 big screens in Germany mid-January until the end of February 2014. The commercial also runs on the internet and display ads refer to the campaign as well. At ICE stations, striking city light posters and billboards inspire travelers to reflect. We’ve been supporting the union’s media work since 2009.