VVS Stuttgart

We’re happy to go anywhere for VVS Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund Stuttgart – and on schedule. Since 2012 we’re spreading the image- and product campaigns of VVS across the metropolitan area of the state capital of Baden-Württemberg. We inform residents about public transport offers such as subscriptions, senior-, student-, corporate- and event-tickets. Depending on ticket types, we book CLP-networks, billboards or info-screens. We book ads in regional daily, trade and consumer publications and place the right advertising media on the internet. During trade fairs there are additional promotional campaigns.


A triple stroke of luck for those who choose the attractive combo package from TeleColumbus. That’s what Germany’s largest independent cable operator makes very clear with their product campaigns. Since 2010 they have supplied our country with all-round flat rates, as we supply the company with media plans. In 2014 (future) customers receive advertising messages via billboards, mostly in the eastern states, where Telecolumbus has a strong presence. Radio with precise regional allocation backs up the outdoor ads. The 2010 World Cup HD TV campaign was the first time we lent our media support to the cable operator.

Sachsen-Anhalt Landesmarketing

We’ve let our imagination run free, when we did the media planning for the multilevel marketing campaign for the state of early risers. IMG Investitions- und Marketinggesellschaft Sachsen-Anhalt mbH aims at attracting investors, but primarily strengthens citizens’ identification with their home state. Exciting stories show what drives people in Saxony-Anhalt. From puppeteer to kung fu master, real people tell their stories in cinemas, on the internet, radio and on posters and postcards from January to April 2013. The evaluation will be done online and the highlights will be shown in movie theaters in early 2014.

Holmes Place

Leave your everyday life behind and disappear in the middle of Berlin? We know the most beautiful places for that: Holmes Place clubs. The feel-good fitness havens are true sources of inspiration. For us too. There we pour out great media ideas for recruiting new members and providing information about local promotions or new openings in the capital. Since early 2011 we’ve been guiding upscale clientele to their nearest (new) Holmes Place club on a regular basis with sign posts to find their fitness bliss or draw attention by advertising on bridges.

Bündnis 90/Die Grünen Bayern

Our media vote goes to the Green Party. During the 2013 state elections in Bavaria, we support the party in their campaign. We position their transparent motives for animal welfare or energy turnaround all over the State of Bavaria using billboards, pillars and City-Light-Posters. In addition, we use mobile billboards to advertising the Green Party and have them placed on arterial roads and large squares. Shortly before election day, we take advantage of online advertising. The focus is on display ads, as well as Google AdWords ads.


2015 starts with a „Happy New Year“ from AOK PLUS and a campaign to match. In a nutshell, the health insurance company points out its convincing price-performance ratio for Saxony and Thuringia. Their existing insured are still in good hands with AOK and it is a great choice for working new customers. We have booked posters and Big Banners at railway stations, passenger TV and title display ads in the regional editions of BILD for the „Happy New Year“-campaign. Starting in March, radio will be the driving medium along with poster. Escalator step graphics are used for the first time.

Bündnis 90/Die Grünen Berlin

Lively, cosmopolitan, boundless. That’s Berlin. In 2016 political party Bündnis 90/Die Grünen have committed themselves to ensuring that everyone in the city of 3.5 million can be who they are, and the city remains a great place to live. The party encourages freedom in the elections for the Berlin House of Representatives. We are spreading their call through precisely adjusted target group orientation among repeat voters and undecided, as well as multipliers in politics and society.

We use the city’s important media pages, YouTube and Facebook, to deliver the „green“ agenda as a video message. Offline, the campaign is displayed in the cityscape on billboards, static stickers on charging stations and on a rolling mega banner. With great success. The Green Party won 27 seats in Berlin’s city parliament.