Antenne Niedersachsen

Listen to Antenne Niedersachsen, and things go smoothly. In 2016 we brought the radio stations bold image message to billboards, advertising columns and City Light Posters. In addition to classic ad placements we also create innovative media ideas for our long-standing client – when an opportunity presents itself. Like in 2013, when „Hit-Radio Antenne“ was renamed „Antenne Niedersachsen“. We sent 20 trucks driving through Lower Saxony, announcing „Just something new” on the tarpaulins. That went well: The trucks with GPS technology caused a stir from Hannover to the smallest farmhouse.

Leipzig Trade Fair

Leipzig attracts and connects – the most diverse types, on different occasions. Some 280 trade shows, conventions and events take place at the fairgrounds each year with up to 12,000 exhibitors and over 1,2 million visitors from around the world. We make sure it stays that way. We have been taking care of Leipziger Messe media needs since 2017. In the advertising channels we draw attention to them as a venue and the event dates, with the Leipzig Book Fair in spring clearly being the flagship.
But „modell-hobby-spiel“ in autumn and the „DreamHack“ gaming-festival in January are high-profile events as well, which we announce in advance.

KBV Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung

„I love working for your life. And I go through everything with you. Even at night.“ In 2017 the well-known KBV-campaign enters the next round. Once again, medical practitioners from all over Germany speak their mind – this time from within their partly difficult environments. At politically important junctions, we show the „heroes in white“ on poster cars, city light posters or billboards, on behalf of KBV Kassenärztliche Bundesvereinigung. KBV also drew attention to that professional group at the German Medical Associations convention in Freiburg at the end of May, using outdoor advertising around the main station and fairgrounds. With all these measures, the association strengthens the image of doctors and psychotherapists, promotes new generations of doctors and ensures outpatient care for the public as well.

Bündnis 90/Die Grünen Berlin

Lively, cosmopolitan, boundless. That’s Berlin. In 2016 political party Bündnis 90/Die Grünen have committed themselves to ensuring that everyone in the city of 3.5 million can be who they are, and the city remains a great place to live. The party encourages freedom in the elections for the Berlin House of Representatives. We are spreading their call through precisely adjusted target group orientation among repeat voters and undecided, as well as multipliers in politics and society.

We use the city’s important media pages, YouTube and Facebook, to deliver the „green“ agenda as a video message. Offline, the campaign is displayed in the cityscape on billboards, static stickers on charging stations and on a rolling mega banner. With great success. The Green Party won 27 seats in Berlin’s city parliament.