Berufsgenossenschaft der Bauwirtschaft BG Bau

Danger zone construction site! More than 100 000 reportable work accidents happen each year. „You only have one life. Take care of yourself“, is the broad-based campaign of the occupational insurance association for the construction industry, in short BG Bau, which is visible throughout Germany, starting October 2018. It aims at raising employees awareness for more occupational safety. In 24 German cities those affected expressively talk about their own experiences and their consequences on billboards along construction site fences. In addition poster cars with campaign motifs tour individual construction sites between Schwerin and Stuttgart to point out the importance of workplace safety.

Berliner Zeitung

Who are the minds behind the Berliner Zeitung-newspaper? The new image campaign reveals just that. Twelve editors show what the brand is about, through images and words. One professional writer is still amazed, the other doesn’t let up, the next one doesn’t believe anything. The campaign puts quality of journalism in the focus and raises the profile of the daily press, for „Berliner Zeitung. Says it all.“ In the fall of 2013, Berliners get the message at the movies and on the radio, via outdoor ads, billboards and newspaper ads. Berliner Verlag with its various publications has been a client of ours since 1997.

Berliner Wasserbetriebe

Berliner Wasserbetriebe (BWB) is voicing their concerns, when it comes to climate protection. This is what Berlins local water company shows with its image and recruiting campaign in 2018. Here their own employees, from sewer workers to microbiologists, become authentic spokesmodels. Our media planning for the campaign is watertight and ensures, that the company draws attention to itself as an employer and climate protector. Among other channels the exciting advertising program can be seen in outdoor advertising. The highlight is a BWB-style bus shelter right in front of Berlins main railroad station. Thanks to an integrated touch CLP people can learn more about the campaign and follow employees workdays through video.

Berliner Kurier

Tenants are fighting back now! Inside Berliner Kurier newspaper, they blow off steam over housing shortages, exorbitant rents and skyrocketing costs. With its 2013 Tenant Report, the paper is the ideal platform. We in turn make sure that this is talked about even before the campaign launches. From late February to early March, Berliners meet bold, like-minded people on billboards, Megalights and City-Light-Posters across the city. We have been in charge of media work for „Berliner Verlag“, which also publishes „Berliner Kurier“, since 1997. We plan outdoor advertising, print, TV, radio and online activities.


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Clearly, beautiful furniture makes life more beautiful! And quite understandably, that turns actress Annette Frier’s head in MONDOs TV commercial. MONDO is the premium furnishing brand of BEGROS, a home furniture purchasing association and wholesale company, and in 2017 we have placed their 30-second ad on ARD and commercial TV broadcasters for several weeks. It can also be seen at the movies. Print, online and radio placements as well as social media activities complement the campaign.

Bayerisches Staatsministerium für Gesundheit und Pflege

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Measles is not just kid stuff. The disease can be dangerous for adults with no or insufficient protection too. The Bavarian State Ministry of Health and Care therefore raises citizens awareness for measles vaccination. In the fall of 2015 the campaign will be launched at Munich’s Rio Filmpalast with a press conference and a video to match. Afterwards, the latter will speak for itself all over the State of Bavaria. The target group between 20 and 49 years will encounter the moving-image advice on the internet and at cinemas, as well as on special TV programs at the gym, the pharmacy or the doctors office.

Aufbau Verlag

Lara Prescott follows in the footsteps of „Doctor Zhivago“ during the Cold War in her debut novel „The Secrets We Kept“. In the United States, the „Debut of the Year 2019“ made it from zero to 7th place on the New York Times bestseller list. Named after the heroine in „Doctor Zhivago“ herself, American author Prescott spent years researching in Russia, Europe and the CIA archives, as she recounts in the advertorial interview. We place this online and offline to draw attention to her novel.

For the last ten years we have been supporting Berlin Aufbau Verlag and its sub-publishers with new releases and book fairs, with print and online advertising measures in womens and public magazines, national daily media or ads in Deutsche Bahn travel guides.


2015 starts with a „Happy New Year“ from AOK PLUS and a campaign to match. In a nutshell, the health insurance company points out its convincing price-performance ratio for Saxony and Thuringia. Their existing insured are still in good hands with AOK and it is a great choice for working new customers. We have booked posters and Big Banners at railway stations, passenger TV and title display ads in the regional editions of BILD for the „Happy New Year“-campaign. Starting in March, radio will be the driving medium along with poster. Escalator step graphics are used for the first time.

AOK Baden-Württemberg

Face-to-face support and never far away. This is what AOK Baden-Württemberg offers its approximately 4.5 million insured. As a reliable partner AOK is ready to help with 230 service centers and reacts immediately, when it comes to the health of its customers – preventive or in acute emergencies and always for a positive attitude towards life. This is exactly what the statutory health insurance company communicates through its meanwhile familiar and large-scale „GESUNDNAH“ campaign. AOK addresses their target group via geographical and emotional closeness, in terms of motif and placement. The campaign’s visibility is focussed on outdoor advertising. The posters with their emotional designs are placed all over the state three times a year.

Antenne Niedersachsen

Listen to Antenne Niedersachsen, and things go smoothly. In 2016 we brought the radio stations bold image message to billboards, advertising columns and City Light Posters. In addition to classic ad placements we also create innovative media ideas for our long-standing client – when an opportunity presents itself. Like in 2013, when „Hit-Radio Antenne“ was renamed „Antenne Niedersachsen“. We sent 20 trucks driving through Lower Saxony, announcing „Just something new” on the tarpaulins. That went well: The trucks with GPS technology caused a stir from Hannover to the smallest farmhouse.