Wolfsbier enters serial production on 10th anniversary

Berlin-based MEDIAFABRIK and Naturschutzbund Deutschland e.V. (NABU) have been collaborating on the nationwide „Welcome Wolf“-project for ten years. On the occasion of this anniversary, the agencys own „Isegrim Berliner Pils“ now becomes a standard production item. NABU-chief executive Leif Miller was so fond of the concept and content of MEDIAFABRIKs beer, that he decided to add it to the drinks menu at „Lina“, the NABU restaurant.

Berlins organic brewery BrewBaker produces the „Isegrim Berliner Pils”. An electric cargo bike from „Distribute“ was used to deliver the first batch of beer to „Lina“ in the government district. The delivery service is a project funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research and in which Technische Universität Berlin and the sustainability-oriented „Inselprojekt Berlin“ are also participating.

About 20 years ago, the first wolves returned to Germany via Poland. About 73 packs and 30 couples now live here again. In many places, there is still skepticism. After more than 150 years without wolves, people first have to learn to view them as normal, native wildlife like foxes or beavers again. With the „Wolfsstärke“-project, DIEMEDIAFABRIK promotes this process. „This is our contribution to nature preservation“, explains CEO Peter Peschel.

Zoo Leipzig

South America in Leipzig! Now things are getting exotic in the Saxon citys zoo, because from May 2018, Darwins rheas, guanacos or Patagonian hare will attract people to the new animal kingdom. We use outdoor advertising to draw attention to the zoos South America department in Saxony and neighboring states. In addition, we run 20-second-ads on wide-coverage radio stations and ambient advertising like posters and postcards in kindergartens. Online a dynamic touchpoint strategy reacts quickly to holidays or events. Besides advertising events and new animal worlds we are implementing a comprehensive image campaign for Germanys most popular zoo.


Ergonomic, stylish, eco-friendly! Wilkhahn knows what’s trendy in offices and makes work more pleasant – for people and the environment. In 2019, interior architects and design professionals learn about the classy product line from the Lower Saxon furniture manufacturer via print and online channels. The ads for the innovative office chairs and conference tables by Wilkhahn are published in specialized media. In addition, online performance ads are underway. The family business, which has been active in the market for more than 110 years, aims at attracting even more attention with its product advertising.

VVS Stuttgart

We’re happy to go anywhere for VVS Verkehrs- und Tarifverbund Stuttgart – and on schedule. Since 2012 we’re spreading the image- and product campaigns of VVS across the metropolitan area of the state capital of Baden-Württemberg. We inform residents about public transport offers such as subscriptions, senior-, student-, corporate- and event-tickets. Depending on ticket types, we book CLP-networks, billboards or info-screens. We book ads in regional daily, trade and consumer publications and place the right advertising media on the internet. During trade fairs there are additional promotional campaigns.

VNG Verbundnetz Gas

Energy and music are two different worlds? Not really. As a premium partner of the Gewandhaus zu Leipzig VNG Verbundnetz Gas AG provides unforgettable sound experiences.  We place matching ads in specialist magazines. We have been collaborating with VNG for more than ten years. During that time we used striking outdoor advertising campaigns in the new eastern states to highlight the advantages of this fuel or pointed to openings of CNG filling stations – a network, which is growing year after year. Currently, we regularly inform decision makers in the industry about upcoming trade shows – and energy with music.


Giving protection – even after an escape. Since 2017 we support UNO-Flüchtlingshilfe in their media work and call for fundraising campaigns nationwide. First-time donors, existing donors, multipliers from politics and the media, as well as large companies are called to action. Starting in November 2018 we will tell the story of little Amani from Syria with ads in magazines and the national daily press. We will also be showing it on billboards in Berlin and Bonn as well as at Berlins Tegel Airport. UNO-Flüchtlingshilfe is a partner of the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR). Around 68 million people are fleeing worldwide and they are in need of help.


A triple stroke of luck for those who choose the attractive combo package from TeleColumbus. That’s what Germany’s largest independent cable operator makes very clear with their product campaigns. Since 2010 they have supplied our country with all-round flat rates, as we supply the company with media plans. In 2014 (future) customers receive advertising messages via billboards, mostly in the eastern states, where Telecolumbus has a strong presence. Radio with precise regional allocation backs up the outdoor ads. The 2010 World Cup HD TV campaign was the first time we lent our media support to the cable operator.


South Tyrol is looking for curve masters, summit gourmets, natural talents! With the mountains always in sight, holidaymakers enjoy bacon and pasta, relaxation and activities on 1220 km of slopes. Italy’s northernmost province is the largest skiing region in the world. The new Europe-wide ski campaign explains what a great winter destination the tourism region is. In October 2016, it started with YouTube spots in France, Germany and Great Britain. We have been promoting South Tyrol’s alpine mediterranen way of life among demanding nature lovers since 2015, using off- and online campaigns.

EMB Energie Mark Brandenburg GmbH

We belong together! This is the motto chosen by EMB Energie Mark Brandenburg GmbH for the fall campaign in 2018. It aims to expand the companys positive image in the region and strengthen its service character. In order to reach commuters and newcomers the regional energy provider taps into a variety of channels: The motifs are found on bakery bags, travel the area on bus traffic-boards and show, that EMB offers suitable energy solutions. The campaigns highlight is the EMB coffee mobile, which stops at six locations in Brandenburg, delivering energetic morning greetings. Radio spots complete the image appearance.

Well connected in Europe with CapitaMedia

For more than 20 years MEDIAFABRIK has developed media strategies and concepts for domestic and international use. The support of two sister agencies in Berlin and a branch in Stuttgart is always available – as well as a pan-European network of partners.

The MEDIAFABRIK Group has launched CapitaMedia in order to be more competitive internationally. „This is a network of media agencies from twelve countries, including Sweden, the Netherlands, the UK and the Czech Republic”, explains MEDIAFABRIK co-owner Peter Peschel. The most important criterion was that the agencies are owner-operated, as are the media professionals in the German capital.

The CapitaMedia website launched in July 2017 showcasing partners and campaigns. The Europe-wide network is very helpful for DIEMEDIAFABRIK in its work for IDM Südtirol and has also proven itself in other projects. „For international planning it is important to have reliable partners and expertise in each country”, says Peschel. The network agencies deliver useful studies and market information and in some cases also provide planning. For example, Abovo Media in Hoorn, the Netherlands, helped out with an out-of-home campaign for South Tyrol that ran in big cities like Amsterdam or Rotterdam. Conversely in Germany MEDIAFABRIK worked for an Abovo client from the e-commerce industry.